What We Provide

Mark Edward Partners acts as our clients’ outsourced risk manager. We provide all lines of business and personal insurance with unsurpassed service excellence through insurance program reviews, proactive account service, and claims expertise.

Client Services

Insurance Program Reviews

Business: Unlike those of most business insurance brokers, the Mark Edward Partners client-engagement process begins with a thorough assessment of a client’s operations and all publicly available information, such as websites or SEC filings. With this approach, we can uncover policy structures that contain potentially detrimental omissions in coverage as well as identify how any, even minor, change to an organization may impact its insurance needs.

Personal: In the case of personal insurance, our process involves an in-depth asset review. We then critique all existing policies concurrently so that we can identify areas in which the policies do not work together as intended, leaving potential gaps in coverage. Mark Edward Partners professionals consistently identify considerable coverage deficiencies when conducting client reviews that, if not remedied, could lead to significant underinsured or uninsured losses. We are also able to recommend alternate coverage solutions or suggest restructuring efforts that frequently produce significant savings for clients.

Account Service

We believe that the best risk management and insurance programs are created through collaboration between client and advisor. By staying in close communication with all of our clients, we can advise them when changes to their organizations mandate changes to their insurance programs. Additionally, we keep them fully apprised of new developments, products, and trends in the industry.

As collaboration with our clients is a cornerstone of our business model, our executives are readily accessible to our clients, in addition to their service teams, and they frequently become involved in complex client transactions and difficult claims situations.

Claims Resolution

We provide expert claims resolution assistance to all of our clients. Our executives and professionals have deep expertise with claims made under executive liability, property and casualty, and personal insurance policies. We utilize our knowledge, industry contacts, and close relationship with the markets to facilitate the most favorable claims resolution for our clients.

Insurance Lines

Financial Services & Executive Liability

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fidelity & Surety Bonds
  • Cyber Liability
  • Specialty Products (Patent Infringement, Kidnap & Ransom, Product Recall, and others)

Property & Casualty

  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Automobile Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Boiler & Machinery
  • Umbrella

Personal Insurance

  • Personal Property
  • Personal Liability
  • Automobile Liability
  • Personal Excess Liability
  • Personal Directors & Officers Liability
  • Flood, Hurricane & Earthquake
  • Private Airplane & Yacht
  • Valuable Articles, Jewelry, & Art
  • Equine
  • Family Office


  • Equestrian Disability
  • Mortality
  • Major Medical
  • Transit
  • Loss of Use
  • Colic and Surgical
  • Farm

Life Insurance/Estate Planning

  • Premium Finance Life
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Income Tax Favored Accumulation Plans
  • Disability Insurance
  • Executive Benefits
  • Key man Life
  • Buy-Sell Insurance Planning
  • Accident, Disability & Death
  • Athlete & Entertainer Disability Coverage
  • Contingency Coverage
  • Contractual Performance Indemnity Insurance
  • Loan Indemnity Coverage
  • Business Overhead Expense Coverage
  • Disgrace Coverage

Special Programs

GiftNow – Philanthropy Through Premium-Financed Life Insurance

GiftNow is a charitable giving strategy designed by Mark Edward Partners to enable high-net-worth individuals to make a significant charitable pledge while reducing or eliminating current, out of pocket expenditures. By integrating two primary financial instruments, an institutionally designed life insurance policy and a loan vehicle accessed through fully collateralized credit facilities, it takes advantage of the gain from long-term investment returns relative to the short-term costs of borrowing. Some clients may also be able to extract tax-free income from the program during their lifetime.

Equestrian Disability

Mark Edward Partners Equestrian Disability is a tailor-made disability insurance program for equine professionals. It is designed for, but not limited to, professional horse trainers from all disciplines, professional rodeo competitors, veterinarians, farriers, dentists, chiropractors and farm or ranch owners to cover the financial exposure of key employees. The policy provides a monthly tax free benefit for a specific period of time when disabilities render covered persons unable to perform the substantial and material duties of their occupation.

Affinity – Customized Insurance Solutions for Affinity Groups

Mark Edward Affinity is a leader in providing risk management and insurance brokerage services to affinity groups including trade groups, associations, professional groups and organizations, charities and non-profits. We fulfill the role of outsourced risk manager for affinity group members by fostering a collaborative relationship between the affinity group and its members, the Mark Edward Affinity team and our insurance company partners, providing a single client service platform for the benefit of members.