Whom we serve

Mark Edward Partners

Mark Edward Partners provides risk management services to corporations, non-profit organizations, and high-net-worth individuals and families. Our multinational client base is located throughout the globe, and we are capable of placing sophisticated, bespoke insurance products in 92 countries worldwide. First and foremost, we seek to thoroughly understand each of our client’s unique characteristics and goals. We then create a tailored risk management and insurance program which provides the greatest comprehensive coverage available, to meet our client’s specific needs at the most competitive prices.


We are especially successful in addressing the insurance and risk-management needs of corporations. Many corporations are underserved because their risk exposures are too complex for local or regional firms, while the corporations themselves often garner insufficient attention from large, public insurance firms. Our incisive program reviews typically yield our corporate clients significantly better coverage at reduced expense.

Financial Services Companies

We help companies in the financial services industry, such as banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, investment advisors and investment banks, manage the risks associated with increased industry scrutiny and heightened litigation which have arisen over the past decade. Too often policies are not properly structured nor utilize manuscripted wording to address key exposures and expand critical policy language in a manner favorable to the client. This critical step is often overlooked by many of our competitors. Our Financial Services & Executive Liability products are also consistently shown to attract and retain board members and executives as well as acquire investment capital.

Non-Profit Organizations

We understand that nonprofit organizations are typically operating under cost constraints while facing complex risk exposures linked to large numbers of volunteers, widely dispersed operations, work with vulnerable populations, and other factors. We provide our non-profit clients full access to our vast array of risk management expertise in order to help them develop the specific risk management policies, procedures and best practices that compliment and support their corporate insurance programs to ensure all available means are being utilized to protect the organization, its employees, directors and officers.

Individuals & Families

Because high-net-worth individuals and families have nonstandard personal risk profiles, they frequently experience significant coverage gaps, as the majority of personal policies in the marketplace are not designed for their unique needs. Our programs are customized to each client’s substantial exposures, protecting their assets from potentially catastrophic risk.

Sports & Entertainment Industries

We serve all segments of the sports and entertainment industry, including professional sports teams, athletes, musicians, tours, special events, venues, films and theatrical productions, rallies and live events, conferences, festivals and event producers, promoters, rental houses, production services, event staffing, event security, motorsports, business managers, artist mangers, tour managers, vendors, experiential marketing, ticketing companies. As our clients’ outsourced risk manager, we provide a single, comprehensive service platform to address their myriad commercial, personal, lifestyle and philanthropic exposures, freeing them to focus on their athletic or artistic pursuits.

Horse Owners & Equine Industry

Mark Edward Equine’s team, deep love of horses, understanding of the risk management issues associated the equine industry and the life and disability insurance needs and concerns of horse owners help make it an insurance broker of choice throughout the horse-owner community. Our team’s expertise transcends well beyond being just solely risk management advisors. We are owners and participants at events and shows so we not only share but are committed to this lifestyle. This additional level of insight and perspective makes us more effective in identifying and mitigating the myriad of global exposures that are associated with this industry, including one of the industry’s only disability insurance programs for equestrian professionals. Our expertise extends not only to performance, racing and breeding horses but to the management and operations of farms, ranches and other sport horse and bloodstock training facilities.

Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry faces challenging and evolving insurance exposures due to the varying types of operations, products and inconsistent regulatory and legal environments in which it operates. The Mark Edward Cannabis team, under the GoodLeaf brand, has substantial expertise in both medical and recreational cannabis operations, including dispensaries, clinics, retail operations, product manufacturers, grow facilities, greenhouse, and other indoor cultivation facilities. We provide the critical resources to address the risk management issues that are often present but overlooked, and which could have a material financial impact on a cannabis business if not properly addressed.

Affinity Groups

Mark Edward Partners is a leader in providing risk management and insurance brokerage services to affinity groups including trade groups, associations, professional groups and organizations, membership-based charities and non-profits. Collectively, our team has over 100 years of experience working with affinity groups. This allows us to provide the insights, shared experiences, best practices, product expertise and market relationships that help members of affinity groups understand and mitigate the broad range of personal and professional risk-management issues confronting them.